Active Citizenship Program: Creating Spaces of Political Involvement


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What is Active Citizenship Program

The Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Grants) aims to reduce economic and social disparities.

In order to do this, their funders (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) have launched, in collaboration with the Government of Spain and the NGO Platform of Social Action, the Active Citizenship Program which seeks to strengthen civil society, social justice and democracy, as well as strengthen the relationship between donor and recipient states.

In Spain, Active Citizenship Program is provided with € 3,715,550 divided among 120 social organizations to work on strategies that strengthen the social sector and its impact on the living conditions of the most vulnerable people.

What aims the project Creating Spaces of Political Involvement

Roll Up Creando Espacios de Implicación PolíticaWith this project, the Injucam Federation, committed to the development of neighborhoods with more social problems within the Community of Madrid, aims to analyze reality, build the discourses collectively and disseminate them.

Childhood and Youth Associations within Injucam, as a part of organized civil society, promote participatory processes as a tool to bring the people we work with from exclusion to social justice. Changes happen because each community takes care of their problems, organizing solutions that are in his hand, and requiring the competent institutions those exceed their capacity for action.

This quest for social transformation is political involvement.

The project consists of going by public positions and proposals to require the competent institutions the effective implementation of the rights recognized. Positioning developed from our privileged knowledge of reality in the neighborhoods.

For Injucam Federation is a great opportunity to systematize its work about political consequences included among its goals: to be the spokesman of voluntary sector and propose policies for integral development of children and youth.


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